Everything is Energy… And Energy is My Passion!

Hi and Welcome! My name is Carla Teixeira and I’m the CEO of Positive Energy Works, a recently formed company that originated from my immense desire to share with you my deeply intuitive self-taught knowledge of Energy, and incredible life changing experiences. By using a combination of these unique insights, coupled with my training as a Professional Executive Coach, I am able to help you bridge the gap between your inner and outer energy fields. This is a revolutionary process, one that allows my ability to scan, interpret and correct your Energetic field to create a unique and highly effective recipe for positive, dramatic and sustainable life changes. To read more about my history and qualifications, Click here..

Unlike most Professional Coaches who offer their services to cover just about any situation, my vision is that if you are a jack of all trades you can’t be a Master of any! With this philosophy in mind, I offer my unique combination of Coaching and Energy expertise in the following select areas:


  • Weight Loss Coaching
  • Relationship Break Up Coaching
  • How To Get Your Ex Back

Energy Services:

  • Intuitive Consultations
  • Cords Of Attachment Removal
  • Bio Energy For Infertility Treatment

For all other areas not covered above, please visit our Coaching/Energy Worker directory to find the Worker best suited to your specific requirements. To visit our Directory community Click here.

Weight Loss Works (WLW)

A Unique “3 STEP PROCCESS” that succeeds where everything else has failed.

Losing weight is a goal that many people have, but their failure to maintain progress towards that goal means they soon become disillusioned and give-up. However, not only do I understand that sticking to dieting and exercise resolutions isn’t easy, I also understand the psychological reasons why people fail to reach or maintain their target weight. To counteract this failure, I created Weight Loss Works. WLW not only addresses the need for behavioural change, but also goes that one “Vital” step further than any other weight loss program. By UNIQUELY addressing the subtle body and repairing the Energy field at all levels – weight-loss goals become effortless to achieve. To read more about WLW please Click here.

Relationship Break-Ups & How To Get Your Ex back

If you have been through a traumatic break-up or divorce you may be finding it hard to let go of your ex, or perhaps you want them back. Either way, my insights and inspiration can guide you to change your behaviour and thought patterns to help you release and move forward or repair your broken relationship. To read more about Relationship Break-ups or How To Get Your Ex Back, please Click here.

Intuitive Consultations

If you are faced with a problem or doubt, an intuitive Consultation will offer you guidance in what ever area you need support in. By interpreting the Energy around your problem, I can help you decode the answers. To read more about intuitive consultations, please click here Click here.

Cutting Cords of Attachment

Just as babies are connected to their mothers by an umbilical cord, invisible Energy Cords connect us to everyone and everything we interact with. These cords are often referred to as Cords of Attachment and are especially strong between people who spend a lot of time together such as partners or spouses, family members, friends,and work colleagues. Unlike spiritual cords that transmit healthy energy, Cords of attachment are toxic, detrimental and instead promote an exchange of negative energy. To read more about Cutting Cords of Attachment please Click here.

Bio Energy Infertility Treatment

If you are a woman who has struggled to conceive, bio energy healing may offer you a quick and successful solution for Infertility problems. Please be sure to read all of the following pages:

  • The “About” page Click here.
  • The Bio Energy infertility treatment Click here..




Address your unique barriers to achieving your desired weight loss by following the revolutionary 3-Step program from Weight Loss Works and get on target!

Bio Energy Infertility Treatment

Bio Energy Healing effectively treats physical, emotional and mental illnesses. SPECIALIZING IN INFERTILITY PROBLEMS

Intuitive Consultations

Decode and interpret the Energy surrounding your doubts to find the answers to allow you to move forward!

Weight Loss Works Agents

Become a Weight Loss Works Agent and increase your earning potential effortlessly.

Get Your Ex Back Coaching

Expel the negative patterns that caused your break up and create a new You that your Ex wants back!

Cords of Attachment

We are all interconnected by the Energy Matrix. Sever your Toxic Energetic Connections!

Other Energy Work

Everything is Energy and Energy is interconnected! Improve your life by solving the problems with your Energetic Systems.