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Carla first became aware of her healing abilities in 2008. The full story can be found on (link to “ABOUT”) She has since become a recognised healer using the Z. Domancic Method and incorporates both to achieve successful results. Carla chose to refine her coaching services by specializing in a few distinct areas, and has decided to also dedicate her Bie Energy treatments to helping women with infertility problems to achieve their dreams of conceiving.

If you are a woman considering bio Energy infertility treatment, please read the FAQ section and then contact us on

For all other illness concerns, please take a look at the Coach and Healers directory that Positive-Energy-Works has created

Please remember that its not necessary to find a healer in your area as healing at long distance works just as well as face to face. In my own healing experience, patients get better results at a distance and actually feel a lot more during the session!

For more information read below and also look at the FAQ


All living things are intelligently programmed, energetic systems that are in constant interaction with the environment, creating Universal Energy. Without this energy, our mental and physical existence would not be possible. We are a mixture of energy and substance. Blood is energy and substance, and acts as a transmitter of Cosmic and etheric energy using oxygen to collaborate and transform energy.

All living things are enveloped in an electromagnetic energy field which scientists call a bio-field. Blockages to the free-flowing energy through the bio-energy field results in illness and disease. Bio-Energy Healing removes these blocks that affect the natural flow of energy through our system, enabling the immune system to regenerate.

Bio Energy Healing is completely natural and harmless and does not involve invasive procedures. Bio-Energy Healing is based on QI natural energy. It is a way of taking and transferring Bio-Energy to the body, and distributing it within the body, so that the body can heal itself.

By using a series of specific hand techniques to detect and remove blocks impeding the natural flow of Bio-Energy through an individual’s bio-field, the immune system can be addressed. This boosts the immune system and spreads the information throughout the body and cells enabling the immune system to heal itself. It effectively treats physical, emotional and mental illnesses by using a series of techniques to detect and remove blocks.


Bio-Energy Healing works at the bio-energy level rather than through the physical body. All matter has an aura that is its energetic double. An amputee can still feel his or her missing limb through the aura that remains. Scientific tests have proven that living things can react to changes even if the matter no longer exists or is at a distance. Your Bio-Energy field is a blueprint or carbon copy for your physical body. It has the programming. When this bio-field has excess bio taken away or added, it becomes balanced and healthy. A balance is essential for health.


Diseases such as cancer, heart problems, infections, autoimmune diseases, allergies, metabolic problems, mental illness, degenerative illnesses etc. can be successfully healed as Bio-Energy helps in all aspects. Some patients will be healed completely, whilst others will benefit with alleviation. It greatly depends on which phase a patient is when he/she starts the treatment and also other factors such as what medical intervention has occurred already. It is more difficult to treat a patient who has had the disease operated on as the immune system can become confused. An easier way to understand this is with scars …As the immune system has already dealt with it so no longer addresses the problem.

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Bio Energy Infertility Treatment

Bio Energy Healing effectively treats physical, emotional and mental illnesses. SPECIALIZING IN INFERTILITY PROBLEMS

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