Corporate Coaching Weight Loss Works

  • Is your team Tired, Stressed and Lacking Motivation?
  • Are you looking to improve their efficiency, creativity and productivity?
  • Do you want them to make You more Profit?

A tough working environment, long working hours and poor nutrition choices can all have an extremely negative impact on your employees’ wellbeing,creativity and performance. And there is strong data to suggest that these conditions greatly affect employees’ Energy levels, self-esteem and stress levels. In turn this affects productivity and ultimately profit, whilst it can also lead to increased company healthcare insurance premiums, compensation claims and employee absence.

Studies show that Health Promotion Programs such as Weight-Loss Coaching help reduce employee absence, healthcare costs and litigation cases, and with many companies now realising these benefits the demand for Company Weight-Loss Coaching Programs is increasing exponentially.

Weight-Loss Coaching Programs provide the motivation to help employees improve their individual weight-loss, which improves their health and well-being and makes them feel good about themselves; all of which is conducive to improving their efficiency, creativity and productivity at both work and in their personal lives.

In the long run, programs such as Weight Loss Works by Positive Energy Works, offer a cost-effective way of improving the general health of your employees; which provides the following benefits for You:

  • Positive and happy employees
  • Decreased employee fatigue and increased Energy levels
  • Increased employee confidence
  • Improved employee morale and lower stress levels
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Increased efficiency, creativity and productivity
  • Decreased rates of illness, injury and disability
  • Reduced employee absence and the costs associated with it
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced compensation claims
  • Enhanced retention of healthy employees

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Corporate Weight Loss Works Coaching Program

All my individual coaching clients are able to text me during working hours. I also operate a private Facebook support page for members only.

The pricing options are as follows:

A 3 Month Corporate Weight Loss Works Coaching Program designed for 6 individuals to be carried out by phone or Skype.

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The Programme consists of:

  • 2 x Individual 30 minute sessions (1st and last of the program)
  • 10 x 45 minute sessions in pairs of two.
  • All Energy Field work related to team weight-loss goals

Participant numbers can be increased in multiples of 2 individuals to 6 individuals at a discounted cost of £1,000per pair.

Companies wishing to enrol 14 or more individuals will benefit from a further reduction, resulting in a cost of £900 per pair.

*Please be advised that any of the two mentioned discount options, will not apply to the first 6 participants, and will only be calculated from the 8th participant onwards.

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